Pay Differs Significantly by Country


Mercer’s International Geographic Salary Differentials report offers a compelling look at relative pay levels worldwide to help employers make informed salary decisions to control costs and ensure competitive pay across markets. This year’s report provides information on the gross salary, tax, and net pay variations of positions in 79 countries. In addition, employers can utilize tax and social security data to compare the real value of salaries in different markets and across six employee categories at the management, professional, and para-professional levels. “As multinational organizations compete diligently for specialized and skilled talent, they can ill afford to misalign salaries with local market standards,” says Niklaus Kobel, a Senior Researcher at Mercer. “Equipped with accurate and timely geographic salary differentials, organizations can guard against under- and over-paying key positions — either of which would have serious ramifications for operations.” Learn more … Learn more

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Employers Worldwide Explore Alternative Mobility Strategies


More than ever, global mobility directors face increasing complexity in the number and types of international assignments to be managed. According to Mercer’s new Alternative International Assignments Policies and Practices Survey report, growing use of assignees across the career-development spectrum and from greater number of countries, coupled with competing pressures to attract and retain … Learn more

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People Issues Affect M&A Transactions More Than Ever


As organizations look to M&A transactions to implement global growth strategies, the people issues and associated risks of these transactions have become increasingly prominent. According to 372 HR executives polled in Mercer’s 2013 Global M&A Ready Survey, concerns about top talent leaving the organization and cultural integration vary by geography. Mercer’s M&A Ready™ Executive … Learn more

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Who Gets the Most Time Off, by Law?


Workers in Europe enjoy much more paid time off, as mandated by law, than employees in any other part of the world, according to Mercer’s latest Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines. The report provides an overview of employee regulation and employment practices across 64 countries worldwide. Statutory holiday entitlement is the amount of vacation time off that, by law, employers must … Learn more

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US Employers Signal Growing Interest in Private Exchanges


Private exchanges represent a new way to provide employer-sponsored benefits that is advantageous to both employers and employees. A well-designed private exchange allows an employer to better manage costs while delivering greater flexibility and choice to its workforce, so interest in them is high, according to Mercer’s latest National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans. In fact, a … Learn more

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