Short-Term Incentives: Job Family and Location Matter


To stay within tight budgets yet effectively motivate their skilled workforce, some employers shift more employee compensation from a fixed-pay approach to one that relies on variable compensation to a greater extent. This remuneration is affordable from a company’s perspective because awards are typically tied to specific, measurable, and agreed-upon financial performance goals, according to Mercer’s report 2014 Short-Term Incentives around the World. The scope of short-term incentives, however, depends on an employee’s role and the region in which the company operates. “Short-term incentives (STIs) can be effective in keeping the workforce motivated while focusing employees’ behavior and performance on metrics that relate to the organization’s success,” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal responsible for the report. “But, it’s vital for companies to know common employee expectations and employer practices in all markets in which they operate to avoid the risk of either … Learn more

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Patchwork of US Marriage Laws Burdens Businesses, Families


For American businesses, inconsistent marriage laws impose a significant economic burden – specifically, a $1.3 billion annual cost. As marriage confers a host of legal and social privileges, the irregular landscape generates a host of administrative and compliance requirements for employers who must establish and maintain multiple benefits policies and HR-related systems that apply to same-sex … Learn more

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Well-intended Diversity Efforts Not Improving Women’s Workforce Progression


Women, who continue to be underrepresented at most levels in the workforce, are not progressing in their careers despite the past two decades of organizational efforts to achieve gender diversity and equality, according to new global research from Mercer, When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive. The research, which analyzed workforce data for more than 1.7 million employees in 28 countries, including … Learn more

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Compensation Planning is Vital in Uncertain Times


The global economic crisis was encompassing in its impact on markets worldwide, but some markets rebounded better than others. Regardless of level of recovery, however, businesses in all regions share a common struggle: compensation planning in an age of diminishing supply of key talent. Mercer’s 2014 Global Compensation Planning Report guides multinational organizations through the latest market … Learn more

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Performance Awards Keep CEO, CFO Compensation on the Rise


The median total compensation for CEOs and CFOs of companies in the S&P 500 continues to rise, according to Mercer’s recent analyses of compensation and benefits for these executive categories. Strong corporate profitability in recent years and the prevalence of performance awards such as long-term incentives in compensation packages continue to boost pay figures. Mercer’s compensation … Learn more

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